Monday, January 21, 2008

Taking the Mystery Out of Digital Cameras - Delta, BC

Kent took his 4 hour course Taking the Mystery Out of Digital Cameras to Delta, BC at the Scottsdale Mall on January 20, 2008 which was sponsored by PhotoExpert. The class of beginners, amateurs and a few seasoned photographers attended this information-packed seminar. Kent talked about the more important features to look for in a digital camera, both in point and shoot styles and in SLR styles. He then went on to explain how to improve your composition for that Wow! image and concluded with a brief look at how to manage your digital files on the computer so that anyone can easily find any image on your computer.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"The Sentinels"

The 2007 National Print Competition of the Professional Photographers of Canada took place in beautiful Winnipeg in April. There were over 800 entries from professional photographers from across Canada in this annual competition. Kent Wong, a Master Photographer from Kamloops, BC had his architectural image entitled "The Sentinels" awarded with the following: 1) Merit status 2) Loan Collection status.
Along with 39 others, this image will now travel across Canada on exhibit to the public - the National Loan Collection is considered to represent the best of the best.

Kent's comments:
"This image was taken of a section of the roofline of the grand rail station in Quebec City in 2004. I was drawn by the wonderful colours and symmetry of the building."

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Manzanillo, Mexico trip

Look for an upcoming post on our Manzanillo trip, complete with a few images!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ripple Effect

A personal / editorial blog can tie into your business website and have a ripple effect. A blog can enhance your business website, provide a place for your creativity and fresh content. A nicely crafted blog will make your business site more interesting without compromising your formal branding. Another important benefit is that, if you have an interesting blog that cross-references your business website, it should boost your business website up the search engine results list.