Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kent Wong is now a Master Photographer!

Kent Wong now has the right to be called a Master Photographer! In 2007 he earned the privilege of being granted this prestigious honour and in 2008 in London, ON, Kent picked up his Master's plaque for display in his studio and a gold medallion on a purple ribbon to be worn around his neck at various photography functions to signify this achievement.

He added to this honour by earning two Master's bars in the same year and these are now attached to his purple ribbon. The Master's award and the Master's bars are earned through a combination of providing service to the provincial and national professional photography associations and having one's images chosen by a panel of Master judges as being of superior quality, impact and storytelling.

Kent can now add the initials "MPA" behind his name which signifies that he is a Master of Photographic Arts, a title which is coveted amongst all Master photographers. What does this mean to his many clients? It means Kent can provide exceptional imagery to his work and can now bring years of qualified experience to the advantage of his clients.

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