Monday, October 24, 2011

Kent Wong has a fabulous Saladmaster time with Karen & Regan Hayes

Kent and associate Arlene Omatsu had a great time cooking and demonstrating Saladmaster products to Karen and Regan Hayes and their 6 guests recently.  A tasty meal of crispy-fried chicken, coleslaw, various veggies and potatoes and a pineapple upside-down cake was enthusiastically enjoyed by everyone!  Also shown in the photo is a lasagna cooked in an electric skillet.  Saladmaster's leading points are oil-free and waterless cooking done on the stovetop.  The Saladmaster company started in 1946 with the introduction of their Saladmaster machine (shown in the photo); this elegant heavy-duty food processor (valued at $430) is free to all those who host a qualified dinner.  Call Kent at 250-372-8651 if you want to earn one, too!

Photo by Tanya MacLeod